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Welcome players and parents to the 2011-2012 CYO Basketball season.

This page contains almost all the answers to your questions about the CYO basketball program at St. William

We have registered 8 teams with the CYO for 2010-2011 and may register a ninth depending upon the availability of outside gym time rental and responses to the early registration process

We will  have two (3)  teams registered for the 8th Boys division (7th & 8th).

We will have two (2) teams registered for the 8th Girls division

We will  have two (2)  teams registered for the 6th Boys division.

We will  have two (1)  team registered for the 6th Girls division.

Typical Weekly Basketball Schedule for 2010-2011 Season at St. William Activity Center
9:00-10:30 a.m.
Skills Clinic
Open to IM
‡ Available to
CYO Coaches
noon-1:30 p.m.
‡ Available to
1:45-3:30 p.m. CYO Coaches
Intramural 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Practice ‡ Available to
3:30-4:30 p.m. CYO Coaches
IM extended 3-4:30 pm 3-4:30 pm 3-4:30 pm 3-4:30 pm 3-4:30 pm
for game days Skills Clinic Skills Clinic Skills Clinic Skills Clinic Skills Clinic
(tentative) (tentative) (tentative) (tentative) (tentative)
4:30-5:45 4:30-5:45 4:30-5:45
Var Girls #1 Var Girls #1 Var Girls #1
Ottinger 5:30-7 Ottinger 5:30- 7 Ottinger
5:45-7 JV Boys #2 5:45-7 JV Boys #2 5:45-7
JV Girls #1 Paler JV Boys #1 Paler JV Boys #1 6:-7:30 p
Dulzo 7-8:15 pm Osip 7-8:15 pm Osip ‡ Available to
7:-8:15 Var Boys #2 7:-8:15 Unassigned 7:-8:15 CYO Coaches
JV Boys #1 Goerss JV Girls #1 TBD JV Girls #1 7:30-9: p
Osip 8:15-9:30 Dulzo 8:15-9:30 Dulzo ‡ Available to
8:15-9:30 Var  Boys #1 8:15-9:30 Var Boys #3 8:15-9:30 CYO Coaches
Var Girls #2 Dykstra Var Girls #2 TBA Var Girls #2
‡ Please Note: Saturday practice time “enrichment practices” are available on a limited basis when there are no home games or other scheduled parish activities. Request priority will be given to teams wityh ‘bumped’ practices in the preceeding or following week.
Typical Weekly Basketball Schedule for 2010-2011 Season at Home Court Advantage
6-7:30 p.m. 6-7:30 p.m.
Unassigned Var Boys #2
TBD Goerss
7:30-9p.m. 7:30- 9p.m.
Var Boys #3 Var Boys #1
TBA Dykstra
Home Games Schedule (Weekends TBD):
Friday, 6:00 p.m. Varsity Boys #2 or #3 or Varsity Girls #2
Friday, 7:15 p.m. Varsity Girls #1
Friday, 8:30 p.m. Varsity Boys #1
Saturday, 9:00 a.m. JV Boys #2
Saturday, 10:15 a.m. JV Girls #1
Saturday, 11:30 a.m. JV Boys #1
Saturday, 12:45 p.m. Var Boys #2 or Var B #3, or Var Girls #2
Saturday, 2:00 p.m. Varsity Girls #2 or Varsity Boys #2 or #3
This “Typical Schedule” is intended only for guidance and is subject to change.



Todd Diffenderfer, Athletic Director

Tom Liike, Asst Athletic Director


Tom Convery, Co-Director


Varsity Boys “1”, Steve Dykstra

Varsity Boys “2”, Matt Goerss

Varsity Boys “3”,

Varsity Girls “1”,  Jim Ottinger

Varsity Girls “2”,

Junior Varsity Boys “1”,Bill Osip

Junior Varsity Boys “2”, Rick Paler

Junior Varsity Girls “1”, Joe Dulzo



Basketball Participation Guide is available on line.  Please note especially well the section which deals with communicating with coaches  (should be private and include a “cooling off period” if appropriate). Also read carefully the section dealing with “Expectation of our Catholic Community” and “Disqualification policy”.

As directors we will utilize a number of types of communication including website, , newsletters, email, and bulletin articles, and phone list fan out.  Our primary method will be e-mail notification such as this combined with the website.  Almost everything which we communicate via e-mail or other means to our basketball participants in general will also be posted on our website.  Other useful areas of the website include the basketball calendar which captures practice schedules, game schedules, and other events like picture day, banquet….  Also note that maps and directions to all away games will be posted on the site—access from the CYO Basketball Schedule & Results page.

In addition to e-mail and website, we will utilize newsletters, handouts, and phone calls.  As directors trying to communicate with over 120 players & their families, phone calls will be a rare form of communication and will probably only be utilized for notifying you of last minute schedule changes.  Coaches may find it practical to make more use of phone calls as well as periodic team meetings scheduled before or after a practice.


St William CYO fees 2010/2011, basketball $70 (out of Parish fee $95), Family max fee for 2010/2011 basketball participants is $110. The St William Dads’ Club has available athletic scholarships for any sports program run by the Club. If the player’s family situation prevents a player from playing a sport because of the participation fee, please simply approach one of the AD’s or the Treasurer of the St William Dads’ club apply for scholarship. Otherwise all participants fees will be collected.

A Winter Sports Pass will be handed out to all participating families prior to the first home game. This pass will be good for the player and their immediate family entrance to any St William home game.  CYO prices for away events (max allowable) $2, $3 adult, $8 family. St William prices are $2, $3 adults, $6 family.


Basketball Participation Guide sign off is available on-line within the Participant Guide—just read the guide and print the sign off page and turn it in at the parent meeting.. This is required for the basketball season before any player will be allowed to participate in team practices.

CYO Insurance / Risk Form, this is required for the basketball season is also available on-line.       Physical Form, if player participated in Volleyball or football we shall recover from the Directors of those sports. Otherwise, a physical needs to be forward to the Basketball Directors. Physical must be dated after June 1, 2010.  A blank health appraisal form is available on line if you require one for your doctor.


Camp, June/July

Registration, August 25 – September 15

Evaluations/ tryouts, November 2

Team formation, by November 2

Parent meeting: Wednesday, November 9, Participation Guide, Forms,  Service work, Updates

Practice, starts November 2, 2011

Pictures, November 16, 2011

November 20, 2010:  All-Teams Mass at 9:00 a.m.  MANDATORY

Tournaments, Thanksgiving, Christmas and post season tournaments are available.

Games, start December 2

Post Season, begins 2/21/11

Banquet/ uniform collection/ program evaluation sheets March 8, 2011 6:30PM, tentatively


Uniform, see Participation Guide section on uniforms.

Practice Jerseys – 2 color (white/dark green) reversible, practice jersey is required . You may use a pervious year’s practice jersey.  If practice jersey is still needed  contact Tom or Todd (Cost $20.00).


The Basketball program will be sponsoring some service work projects this season such as ; Team Mass/ Basketball Program Mass, Coffee and Donuts, Spaghetti Dinner, and Knight of Columbus Free Throw Contest.


The Basketball program will provide as much opportunity as possible for a player to develop basketball skills to compete in a structured team environment. The St William CYO Varsity Teams will be structured to allow players and coaches to be competitive. The St William CYO Junior Varsity Teams will be structured to allow players and coaches to gain an appreciation of the game of basketball. In order to do this team size will be managed.

All players are accepted into the St William Basketball Program, be it the CYO teams, the Group Clinics or the Intramural programs. The CYO teams will be broken down into two teams each for Boys and Girls Varsity and two teams each for Boys and Girls Junior Varsity.  Evaluations/ tryouts will determine CYO team formation and will be conducted by a third party. Cuts will happen when a team dynamics will be affected by an excessive number of players on one team. If a player is cut they are still eligible to participate in the Group Skills Clinics for the duration of the season and may be called up to a CYO team. The structure of the evaluation will be to access basic basketball skills at various levels. Individual request to move a player from initially assigned team will be considered by the basketball Director if requested by the player and player’s parents prior to the start of the second week of practice.

Coaches and Group Clinic volunteers must complete a Protecting Gods’ Children (PGC) workshop before participating in these areas of the St William Basketball program.

PRACTICE (5-7 hours a week)

Group Skills Clinic –  Mandatory for CYO Teams, coaches may assign the mandatory session(s) based on teams practice schedule. Players may attend as many as they wish.

Monday – Thursday 300-430

Skill Mentors – to run clinic, if you wish to volunteer to help facilitate, please contact  the Basketball Directors.

Skills – shooting, dribbling, passing, pivoting, rebounding, and other skills. This is done by using timed stations and individual instruction.

CYO Teams

2-3 times a week. The thought is that players make a minimum 1 to 2 group skills clinics a week and then 2-3 team practices can be used to cover team concepts


Home games will be scheduled on Friday and Saturday.  Final game schedules will be out Nov 15th.

Game day entrance will be thru the main Education Center doors. The nearest Activity Center doors will be closed. Main traffic pattern will be to walk thru kitchen hallway, east tower, and then entering A/C thru Vercelli Room. Cheerleaders will be on the north side of end lines.

Team room, Home Teams will be positioned in A/C storeroom. Unless accompanied by a coach or parent, no player(s) or other kids will be allowed in this room. It is not a play area and the room is governed by Protecting God’s Children guidelines.

Special events – 8th grade parents, last home game parents of 8th graders honored before the game

Home coming  (TBD)

Shoot out, teachers of St William in half time extravaganza (TBD)

Grandparent’s day (TBD)

Prayer before games, each game will start with the Athlete’s Prayers

Pop a shoot, half time fun for the crowd, for $1 make a free throw win a liter of pop

Raffle, 50/50 per game  (proceeds to charity)

Game day Sign Up Help sheets – It’s not an option!. It will be mandatory for parents to help in some way during the basketball season.

Scorers table: Qualified Individuals can run the clock and keep the official scorebook.

Gate: Thirty-five to forty-five minutes prior to game time, the gate will be open to admit spectators. One (1) or two(2) people are needed to staff the gate and collect admission fees and correctly monitor Winter Game Pass use from this time until relieved approximately thirty minutes prior to the next game.  Admission rates are published prior to each competitive season and are based upon CYO recommendations.  The gate is generally located to allow the staffers an excellent view of the game.

50/50 Raffle: “50/50” tickets are sold at each home game from the time teams begin warming up until approximately ¾ of the way through the game or match.  Between the 3rd and 4th period or at an appropriate break in play, a ticket is drawn to award a prize of ½ of the total sales up to $100.00.  Ticket sellers and buyers must be adults.  This is an activity which is easily accomplished without distracting parents much from their child’s game.  Since Fall of 1999, the St. William Dads’ Club has directed all proceeds of 50/50 raffles to the Caritas Mission in Appalachia, Pennsylvania.

Concession: St. William provides concession at its game events wherever possible to complement the game-related activities.  Parents can be a tremendous help by volunteering to help with concessions during the game prior to or following their child’s game.

Guest Relations/Crowd Control: Some help is always needed directing spectators, greeting and directing opponents, and keeping fans off of the playing surface.  Also, control kids and keep unauthorized persons going into storeroom, church and other off limit areas and clean up spills. Guest Relation workers also help with “In-Game” events such as Basketball’s “Half Time Pop-a-Shot” or Football’s “Tire-Toss” and other contests conducted at games.

Set up and Clean up: Set-up – team chairs, scorer table, scoreboard machine, microphone, bleachers, banners, team room, trash baskets, water jugs w/ cups, carts & towels, floor sweepers & dry mop, gate collection table, posters/ price signs/ parking lot signs, concessions table (3),

Clean up, if Friday night games with Saturday games – general clean up of trash. End of weekend games, general clean up plus put everything away.


Doctor/Nurse/EMT: A medical professional is needed in attendance at each home football game and is desirable at home volleyball, soccer, and basketball games.  Medical professionals can also apply their expertise to improving our programs and safeguarding our athletes by auditing our first aid equipment and supplies and recommending improvements as well as by consulting with coaches or providing in-service training to the athletic staff.

Special Events/Publicity: We want all of our games to be well-attended so that our athletes get well-deserved recognition and so that we draw the entire parish community into our activities and our fellowship. Publicity in the form of church bulletin inserts and articles, CCD notices, St. William school notices, in-building posters, and media exposure all help to get the message out.  We also have developed special events held in conjunction with home games such as “The Shoot-out at the A.C. Corral” (Basketball), parent’s day, grandparent’s day, and spirit weekend to generate excitement.  Help is needed to plan and execute these events and to develop new, creative ways to broaden spectator appeal.  A committee of 4 to 7 persons willing to work together with the athletic directors is being sought.

Program: While we may be able to tell the players without a program, a program complements the event and enhances the overall experience of participation for everyone. Kids love to see their name in print and to be captured in action with pictures. The program committee will gather schedule results, pictures, stats, opposing team information, and other information and compile a game program.  No advertising will be solicited (only “booster” listings”).

Uniform/Equipment Manager: The St. William Dads’ Club has invested over $75,000 in its current athletic equipment and uniforms.  Accurate inventory management helps to keep our expenditures as low as possible by preventing loss, damage, or excess wear and by allowing the athletic department to project replacement requirements well in advance and allow for budget requests to keep our programs the finest available.  The uniform/equipment manager would work with the program director and athletic director in distributing uniforms at the beginning of the season and collecting and evaluating them at the end of the season.  The uniform/equipment manager would also work with the program and athletic directors evaluating the condition of current equipment and supplies and recommending repairs and or replacement of worn or defective equipment.

Clinic Mentors: Skill Mentors – to run clinic, if you wish to volunteer to help facilitate, please contact  the Basketball Directors.

Group Skills Clinic –  Mandatory for CYO Teams, coaches may assign the mandatory sessions based on teams practice schedule. Players may attend as many as they wish.

Monday – Friday 300-430


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