3rd thru 8th Grade Student Helper Sign Up Information

Workers must register each week to work the fish fry. Sign-up to work by contacting Randy Rice:  rmrice@comcast.net

1) Registration must be done by E-mail (to Randy Rice,  rmrice@comcast.net) from the parent/guardian,  (E-mails from student workers will not be accepted without parental permission).

2) Weekly registration will begin on Monday mornings and run though Thursday 5:00 pm.

3) Worker slots are filled, first come-first serve, with a set limit for each of the worker groups (so register early….). Worker positions will also be assigned based on past performances.

4) By Thursday evening (by 9:00 pm) all workers will receive notification from the floor manager informing the parent whether their child is (or is not) scheduled to work that Friday.

5) If openings are still available, we will accept walk-in’s on Friday beginning at 3:45 pm, however a parent/guardian must sign the worker in at that time. Workers without parental permission will not be allowed to work. Unattended minors that are not working, will require parental/guardian accompaniment to be present at the Fish Fry. We are not a baby-sitting service and are not responsible for an unregistered and unsupervised minors.  Those minors that are unattended will be asked to call their parent to either accompany the minor at the FF or to pick them up.  Note: AOD mandates that all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents or at least two supervising adults.  Respecting this AOD-mandate makes all of our lives easier.

6)   All students that have not had prearrangements to come directly from school, must be signed in by a parent of guardian upon arrival.

7)   All students must be signed out by a parent or guardian to leave the building.

Helper Rules:

1)    All worker’s must be signed in and out

2)    Workers must not leave their assigned areas unless given permission by their designated adult supervisor (Break/Restroom…).

3)    No one leaves the building unless signed out by a parent/guardian.**

4)    The back hallway (rest room hallway), East ,West and School entrances along with the Vercelli room (behind the bake-sale area), are OFF-Limits to workers.*

5)    All workers need to remember that they represent the St. William Dads’ Club and should to be polite and courteous to the customers and follow instructions from adult floor supervisors.

6)   Host & Hostesses, and runners have the option of starting at either 4 or 5 pm and must work until 8:00 pm (unless other prior arrangements are made with the floor manager or their designated adult supervisor).  Bussers (Grades 3-4) can work 1-4 hrs. Note: 3rd graders may require parental assistance while working.  Unless we are short of workers, we will not accept student workers beyond 5:00 pm.

7)  No use of cell phones or i-pods will be allowed while serving.  Also, no eating/drinking while working (a meal break during non-peak hours will be provided for each student volunteer).

8)   To benefit the customer, it is mandatory that the student volunteer wear his/her apron and display their name tag while on duty.*

** Anyone caught outside without permission or their parent, will result in the parent/guardian being contacted to pick up the dismissed worker.

*    First offence will result in a loss of one raffle ticket. Second offence will result in the loss of all raffle tickets for that given night.  Third offence will result in immediate dismissal and loss of all raffle tickets.



1)    All workers will receive a $2.00 tip at the end of each evening.

2)    For each hr worked* the student will receive 1 raffle ticket to win one of several end of the year prizes; ex  i-pod nano, and other smaller prizes.  The drawing will take place at a worker/family appreciation dinner, Sponsored by the Dads Club which will follow the fish fry (date yet to be determined).

3)     Workers who have preformed well that give night, as determined by their designated adult supervisor, will be eligible for an one additional raffle ticket.

4)    An appreciation dinner for all the workers and their immediate (nuclear) family will be provided by the Dads Club.  This will be free of charge, with drawings for prizes occurring during the event.  A formal announcement will be made once the date has been set.


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