Caring for Creation at the St. William Fish Fry

While we fast from meat and enjoy the fellowship afforded at the St. William Dads’ Club Lenten Friday Fish Frys, it is important to join prayer with our fasting and remain mindful of our duties to be good stewards of God’s many gifts.  The Dads’ Club has long demanded a high standard of quality from its seafood suppliers–This is the main reason for our selection of Alaskan cod and American-raised salmon.  A commitment to environmentally sustainable seafood is an even more compelling reason for the Dads’ Club to forego other less expensive sources for our seafood.

Why Choose Alaskan Cod?

  • Quality
    We have found the taste, texture, and consistency of Alaskan cod to be superior to other offerings.

Eco Details

  • Pacific cod populations are healthy, and cod caught by bottom longline, traps or hook-and-line do the least environmental harm.While Pacific cod  are also caught by bottom trawl, which can damage seafloor habitats, Alaskan cod are not fished in the enviromentally unsound manner and represent an environmentally sustainable seafood choice.
  • Nutritional InformationServing = 100 g of raw edible food, wild species.
    per serving
    Calories 82 g
    Total Fat 0.67 g
    Total Protein 17.8 g
    Omega-3 0.18 g
    Cholesterol 43 mg
    Sodium 54 mg

  • Quality
    We have found the texture and consistency of Atlantic cod to be poor and more difficult for producing consistent quality filets.


  • Eco Details
    Heavily fished for the last 50 years, U.S. and Canadian cod stocks remain extremely depleted, and European populations have declined as well.Poor management and unreported catches threaten Atlantic cod’s recovery.Atlantic cod are caught with bottom trawls, which damage bottom habitat and result in considerable bycatch of other groundfish species (such as halibut and flounder).Look for cod that has been caught by hook-and-line.


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