Executives & Directors

Executive Board of the Saint William Dads’ Club

(May 2008 through May 2010)
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 Tom RudofskiPresident
Tom is in his second term as President on the Dads’ Club Executive Board.  Tom and his wife, Donna live in Commerce Township with their children, Nicholas, Peter, and Julia.

Scott Ziegler
Scott is serving his third term on the Executive Board of the Dads’ Club.

Mike Eischen
MiKe Eishen joins the Dads’ Club executive board this year. 

Michael Schira

Michael joins the Dads’ Club executive board this year as the Secretary, taking over for Don Squier who completed his fourth term as Secretary of the Dads’ Club.

Randy Trombley
Randy is in his second term on the Dads’ Club executive board this election year.

Tim McCloreyPresident Ex-Officio
Tim has now completed his first term as President of the Dads’ Club.
He has also served one term as Vice-President and as chair and co-chair for the annual Entertainment Book sale in addition to various coaching duties. Tim lives in Wixom with his wife, Marisa and their children, Caitlyn, Brendan, Molly, and Claire.

Major Event Directors

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Mike Eischen
Golf Outing

Larry Lesniak Director,
Christmas Tree Sale

Dennis Goebel
Fish Fry


Club Services Directors

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Dave Pfeiffer
Volleyball / Football Concessions Manager

tchen Director – Volleyball

Chris Lada
Basketball Concessions Manager

Kitchen Director – Basketball

Paul Terzano
Spaghetti Dinner Coordinator


Monthly Parish Spaghetti Dinner


Ron and Michaelle Kwasniewicz

Director Wearables & Merchandising


Tom Liike

Membership Director

Tom Liike has taken on many hats for the St William Dads. Gathering the Dads’ for all the activities the Club performs for the Parish is a large task that Tom has performed with great success,

Tom Convery

Coffee & Donut

Athletic Directors

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 Todd Diffenderfer 

Athletic Director

    Todd moves from the Co- Basketball Dierctor position he held since 2006 to the Athletic Director position. Added to the four years in the Basketball program are the 6 years Todd was President of the St William Dads Club.    

 Tom Liike

Asst-Athletic Director

Tom has taken on the Asst Director position with the idea that when his kids get older and more into the sports programs at St william he will be ready to lead this area of the St William Dads Club. 





 Diane Posa
Volleyball Administration Director

Diane has many years of administartion experience, organizating the St Mary’s Fair, being the Recording Secretary for the St William Parish Council and raising three child. 
Jeff Rioux

Football Director

 Jeff Ttkes over after our founding Director of Football, Joe Bolous (2002-2008, 2010) retires for the second time. Jeff takes over the Football Program with many years of CYO Football experience. Most recently as the Head Coach for the 2010 CYO City Champions- St William Crusders.

Annette Liike

Cheerleading Director

 Annette and Shelly Dettore start up the Cheerleading Department after a few years of hibernation.

Tom Convery
Basketball Director

Tom has been Basketball at Saint William since winter 2006. Tom continues on as a single Director for the up coming 2010/2011 Basketball Season.

James Smith
Soccer Director

James was appointed Soccer Director at Saint William in August 2007 and is currently developing a soccer program for K-4th graders. Stay tuned for developments.

Jim Beck
Baseball Director

Jim has been Baseball director at Saint William since winter 2004.

Mark Wolter
CYO Baseball

Mark has been CYO Baseball director at Saint William since spring 2007, when he started the program.


2 Responses to “Executives & Directors”

  1. Jon Dault says:

    This site is a remarkable achievement by men devoted to their children. Thanks for the memories.

  2. John Coliton says:

    My dear friends whom I miss greatly. I will always cherish the time we spent at St. William. May God Bless You. Thanks for all you do. Hope to see you soon. JC