Fish Fry – Open this Friday March 23, 2018

Oakland County’s largest “All-You-Can-Eat” Lenten Friday Fish Fry will be back in action this Friday.
    As most of you are aware, last Friday, a single sprinkler head outside the hood went off spewing thousands of gallons of water into fryers, cupboards, drawers, serving tables, and prepared foods. This made the fish unsuitable for consumption (even for the most ardent Catholics).  The fire department came out immediately and replaced the faulty sprinkler head and returned the wet sprinkler system to working order (the dry ‘ansol’ system under the hood was unaffected).

    Our crew of dads cleaned the equipment and removed most of the water and completed most of our usual Friday evening clean-up by the time the restoration company arrived to complete the remediation. By Wednesday afternoon, we expect to be able to bring our equipment back in and put the kitchen in order for Friday. We can’t store service ware in the cupboards or drawers, but the rest of our operation should be back to normal.
     We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

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